For a comprehensive list of Tariff and EAN product reference codes concerning our product range please click on this pdf document.

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Please note this Document is subject to change without prior notice.


Tariff Code Product Description
73102900 1 Compartment Cavity Floor Box
73102900 3 Compartment Cavity Floor Box (All variants including Compact Models)
7326909890 2 Compartment Screed Floor Box (All variants)
7326909890 3 Compartment Screed Floor Box (All variants)
7326909890 All Powder Coated Steel and Stainless Steel Frame & Lids
73269098 Accessory Plates (Applies to all Models)
    • Blank Plate
    • 4 Way RJ45/LJ6C Data Plate
    • 2 x 1 Gang Accessory plate
    • Standard Twin Accessory Plate
    • 6 Way RJ45/LJ6C Data Plate
    • 2 x Euro 50x50mm Plate
85363010 Twin Switched Sockets
85366910 RCD Sockets (All Variants)
39269097 IP66 Base Section
76042100 IP66 Top Section
8536619090 Floor Sockets ( All variations)
    • FS311SS
    • FS311BRS
    • FS312SS
    • FS312BRS
Tariff Code Product Description
85366990 127mm Standard Power Grommets (All 13A Variants)
85366990 127mm Euro Collar Grommet, 127mm Data Grommet (2 x LJ6C Data Spaces)
    • 102mm Floor Grommet
    • 75mm Floor Grommet
    • GTAG2 Large Brushed Air Guard Grommet
    • GTAG11 127mm Round Air Guard Grommet
73269098 FGS127C Stainless Steel Floor Grommet
8536690000 PGS114USB Stainless steel grommet with USB
Tariff Code Product Description
8536699099 All Power & Power & Data Grommets (not Access Grommets)
85444290 All Under Desk, On Desk and in Desk Power Modules
85371099 All Vertical Power Docks


All Pedestal Box Variations
85444290 PC Start leads for Desktop / Under Desk / Indesk Power Units
Tariff Code Product Description
85369010 All Data & BT modules
83024900 HDMI, VGA & USB Modules
85291039 MTAV-35ATWE, MTAV-AT01WE & MTAV-RC01WE Modules
85363010 MM410WH, MM415WH, MM405WH Modules

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